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Detect and analyse relevant chromosomal aberrations with high-resolution coverage of cancer and constitutional genes of interest, along with high-density SNP coverage for loss of heterozygosity (LOH) detection.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Deep sequencing is revolutionizing biology and medicine with each passing day, providing single base-level precision for our understanding of nucleic acid sequences in high throughput fashion.

Exome Sequencing

One of the most comprehensive genetic tests available. Current technology, analyzes approximately 96% of the exome, which includes approximately 99% coverage for over 4,500 genes that have been associated with disease.

Exome sequencing is extensively used both in academic research and as a clinical diagnostic.

Mitochondrial Sequencing

Mitochondria has always been an attractive target for research due to its important role in the regulation of cellular metabolism, apoptosis and oxidative stress control.Mit-DNA sequencing is a useful tool for researchers studying human diseases such as diabetes, certain cancers, apoptosis, population genetics and biodiversity assessments

SNP Genotyping

Measures genetic variations of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) between members of a species. SNPs are important markers in many studies that link sequence variations to phenotypic changes; such studies are expected to advance the understanding of human physiology and elucidate the molecular bases of diseases

Epigenetic Studies

Discover genome wide methylation patterns, histone & DNA modifications as well as DNA-Protein interactions through ChIP-on-CHIP using High Density Tiling arrays.Assay the entire genome or targeted promoter regions to gain insights on regulatory changes in the chromatin.


Opening a new era in microbial genomics, revealing new insight into how microbes interact with and impact humans and the environment. The accumulation of sequencing data has expanded our appreciation of the dynamic nature of microbial populations and their impact on the environment and human health.


Maximize cancer discoveries from your FFPE samples. Unparalleled data quality from challenging FFPE samples. Low input DNA requirement.

Resequencing Applications

Efficient and cost-effective method for large- scale sequence variation analysis on single array. It has wide role in biodefense, food supply, air/water quality, microbial testing & sterility assurance.

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