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We at GeneHealth reaffirm our commitment to stand steadfast in service of the community especially to the most vulnerable. As an organization focused on Maternal & Child Healthcare, we understand that a mother-to-be and her child, even under normal circumstances are at various health risks. We thus believe that in such critical circumstances it is crucial to work dedicatedly with our partners and all stake holders in the community by providing effective, efficient and sustainable solutions in the domain.

Mother and Child Health is among the most vulnerable to genetic disorders. Whether its risk in the form of Recurrent Miscarriage for a mother-to-be or the increasing threat of Autism Spectrum Disorder to a new life, it is utmost important to be prepared with the best that technology has to offer.

At GeneHealth Global, we are committed to work with all the stake holders in healthcare domain with evermore proximity.

Science is enigmatic. In that, it is complicated yet has inherent capability to stratify complexities. Genomics is a science that studies various aspects of genes constituting the organism. Since, the completion of Human Genome Project, genomics has transformed the clinical practice from being generalized to personalized. Every individual is a unique signature of mother nature. Profiling the coding and non-coding part of the genome provides an unprecedented advantage to the healthcare, especially for those vulnerable to disorders and diseases.

At GeneHealth Global, it is our commitment to bring state-of the art technologies and deep insight of genomic understanding to participate in transforming healthcare through better scientific and clinical outcomes.
Himani Kaushik, PhD
Director- Molecular Genetics

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